We have an extensive fleet of advanced equipment. The machines, combined with skilled workers a good network of partners and subcontractors, enables us to take on assignments in all orders of magnitude within the mechanical services in most materials.


Our machine park consists of both flexible punch presses for rapid restructuring of small series to fully automatic punch press with disc changer (can be loaded with up to 3 tons), with automatic harvest of parts and waste which provides large capacity for unmanned driving and is very competitive in the series.

We have both combination machines with laser and shutdown and clean punching machines, which enables to tailor the right machine at the right mission. We have 2 punch presses and 1 combination machine laser / shutdown from Amada (Apelio, VIPRO, Arcade, PROMECAM) that stops in most materials, for example: carbon steel, stainless steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, plastic, etc. up to 6 mm thick, but can be laser cutting thickener when required.

We have a big break center with capacity for full frame plates (1500 x 3000 mm) with both autonomous and manual break from Amada MCA. We are well equipped with both cracking tools and huge expertise to solve most challenges.

We have several chasers and lathes in our machining center.

In the machine park there is both horizontal and vertical chasers from Mazak with up to 4 axes and palette changer with 15 degree indexing, allowing more smooth production (possibility to change course while the machine is running).

The most advanced lathe have equipped with sub-spindle and rod feeder with rotating tools (possibility to run unmanned, and turning from both sides, in addition rout with rotating tools).

3D Water Jet Cutting

With waterjet cutting we add capacity, versatility, and flexibility to our business and your products. Its process of cutting materials by using a high-pressure stream of water can be used in various products.

For very hard materials, an abrasive is added to the water stream to increase the cutting power. Almost any material can be cut using a waterjet cutting machine. By offering a greater material variety and faster delivery times to our customers, we strive to differentiate yourself with our Resato 3D Waterjet!


Metals, including stainless steel, hardened steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium can be cut using waterjet cutting machines. Metals are formed with a crystalline structure which is tightly bound together by electrostatic forces. They have extremely high melting and boiling points. Metals are extremely versatile and are found in applications as diverse as construction, tools, cooking utensils, appliances, bolts, and automotive parts.

Metals are hard materials which require significant force or temperature to cut, but they can be deformed by the excessive heat generated by some cutting techniques (like grinding and machining). Waterjet cutting is an ideal technique to shape metal products without damaging the material.

The Water Jet may in addtion also cut other materials such as; Glass, Composites, Ceramics and stone to name a few.


Boss machinery
We have several boss machines that are both automatic and manually from Haeger.

Automatic saws
We have both manually and automatic saws, with automatic forward move (possibility to run unmanned).

Deburring / Tumbling
We have both vibratory deburr and plate deburring machines.

Laser engraving
We have laser engraving machines which enables permanent marking of product traceability, descriptions or profiling.

Eccentric presses
We have several eccentric presses up to 60 tons of punch power, as well as various manual equipment.

Furthermore, we have a large manual workshop with both chaser, lathes, tapping machines, sanders, drills, and more.

We have certified welders and work in everything from TIG, MIG and MAG for Cored wire.
We welds in both aluminum, black steel, stainless steel and Armox (armor steel) to normal.

We have several point welders wide range of proprietary tools.
We have our own heating plant for preheating, annealing and hardening of the base metals.

We also have portable welding extraction, which enables great flexibility on various type of welding jobs.

Our assembly department have well equipped and has great flexibility in mission, from assembly of smaller electronic components for assembly and commissioning of advanced systems.

We have our own quality rooms with multiple target computers.

We have for example optical measuring readers and a Probe target machine with options for programming and report generation that has repetition accuracy 4my.

We are ISO 9001 certified and are used to working with customers who have strict documentation and quality requirements. Therefore we use Pro-M as our MPS system to meet these requirements. Additionally, we use Robex for production planning SolidWorkds as CAD system. This enables us to receive most formats in 3D models and adjust the production if necessary before we post it to our CNC machines.

We process most materials, such as:
Structural steels, Aluminium, Stainless steel, Titan, Copper, Brass, Armor steel, Different Plastic materials.