TAMEK AS is an advanced production company in Frogner that was established in 1984, when Tandberg Mechanical Workshop was separated from Tandberg radio factory. This unit of the enterprise had for many years delivered precision mechanics for radio and television manufacturing. TAMEK has evolved from being a niche company to become a modern subcontractor in precision mechanics and solutions with a solid customer base. During the 35 years we have existed as an independent company, we have evolved to become a knowledge-based company that delivers complete systems to defence, marine, aviation, railroad and electronics industries.



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Our employees

Employees of TaMek are highly qualified, skilled technicians with wide experience in the industry, consisting of among others:

Sheet Metal Workers, Toolmakers, CNC operators, Machinists, Welders, Technical illustrators and Apprentices

Our visions

TaMek should be the first choice for customers needing mechanical services

TaMek shall be recognized for its expertise and proudness of our trade

TaMek AS shall be in continuous growth and Development

TaMek shall be a pioneering collaboration partner

Our goal

Our ambition is to exceed our customers’ expectations in regards to:

- Quality - In accordance with technical specifications

- Price - Within the mutually agreed cost framework

- Time – Delivery as promised